Saturday, June 22, 2013

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 Soul Mates

There’s a lot of information that aim to discuss the real meaning of soul mates and their purpose in one’s life. This makes it a bit hard to have a definite understanding that can serve you when you attempt to know the meaning of the heartfelt connections in your life. There are various belief systems like the one telling that there’s one special someone out there who’s destined to be with you and when you find her/him, your life will be complete. There’s another version that tells one has different soul mates and they are not sexual or romantic in nature. Your soul mate could be your best friend, lover or a family member and there are also soul mates that you will encounter only once in a lifetime.

When you think that you’ve finally found your soul mate, you believe that she/he is the one. When you’re with this person, you believe that all your prayers have been granted, you’ve finally met your match and your dreams are coming true. No one has ever affected you the way this person does.  You’ve never felt so crazy and in love with anyone in your life. The problem with meeting this type of soul mate, however, is that when one is crazy for someone, the weight is more on the crazy part. Instead of feeling balanced, confident, centered and calm, one often feels the opposite. He/she feels confused, off balance and struggling with his/her feelings of confidence. They hang in there hoping that they will surpass all difficulties and experience the true meaning of love. However, the longer they hold on, the more their self-esteem fades and their life becomes more miserable. Is this soul mate connection?

Although some people are lucky enough to meet someone they feel a positive love connection with and they have harmonious relationships, others find that their soul mate relationships are the most challenging relationship they’ve ever experienced. How do a person gets fooled into believing that the one he/she has fallen in love with is his/her soul mate? Why does he/she find it hard to let go? There may be a soul connection there. They feel with a deep soul connection with that person even if they feel mistreated and the relationship has become horrible.

Finding a soul mate doesn’t necessarily mean looking for the one you’ll give your heart to – the one you’re destined to be with who’s perfectly made for you. A soul mate may come into your life for a reason, a lifetime or a season, but there’s one thing you can be sure of. When you meet a soul mate, you’ll never be the same person again. A soul mate has the power to arouse something within you that you can’t get rid of, even if you want to. You may leave him/her behind and move one, but he/she will forever be a part of you. Your soul mate may teach you lessons of letting go, forgiveness and loving yourself in ways you never know were possible. You might need to learn that sometimes, loving someone means letting him/her go and even if you learn to let go, you never forget him/her or the impact he/she had on your life. 

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